Sunday, April 17, 2011

Prom Crashers


  1. Hey! I think that's my dress!! What were you guys doing? Playing dress up? You didn't actually go to anyone's prom, did you? You guys are hilarious! Oh no. I just had a thought! You aren't trying to see if those would work as Malory's bride's maids' dresses are you? Aaaahhhhh!!

  2. I don't get it. Did they chaperone prom? I don't know if I should be offended or flattered that both dresses were mine in some way :-)

  3. Didn't see Cinn's comment here. Was the red dress yours?

  4. C and S
    Yes. They did crash a prom. (I tried to comment on the blog as a post a comment, but it ate my comment! )
    They were looking for a play to go to or something to do and read that Southwood’s prom was that night at the Honeywell center.. That was about 7:30 and the prom started at 8:30.
    Dress up??????????????? Oh yeah. They tried on every dress in the closets at least once and the boys were about as bad.
    They got in okay. Then the principal kicked them out. They said they were the only ones dancing . I guess that drew a little too much attention to themselves. They said their goal was to get kicked out so they were happy. I said Jared , it’s a good thing you’re not working in Wabash yet. You’ll probably have some sort of image to maintain. ‘ he said, yes , this is the only time I will be able to do this.
    The girls were into it al lot more than the boys. Probably because they didn’t know anyone and no one knew them.
    I didn’t realize we still had those dresses . I guess they ended up in garrett’s closet, and no, I don’t think using them for bridesmaids dresses crossed Mallory’s mind. I said , I bet you were the only two girls with sleeves of any sort on your dresses, and they said every dress was not only sleeveless but also strapless!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess they really did stand out.
    Glad you enjoyed the photos and I enjoyed your comments.
    Love, mom

  5. Good grief. First stealing candy from little old ladies, and now this. What kind of girls do those brothers of mine attract?!? JK. Wish I’d been there :) It sounds like it was a lot of fun. And Sarah, I'm just sure that white dress was the one meant for me ;) And no, I've never seen the red dress before. Maybe it's Kara's?

  6. And, no kidding, my word verification word for that last comment was "milere". Hm. Psychic computer.

  7. I can't believe you still remember the candy stealing. You'll never forget:) It was so fun and I told the principal that my husband never went to his senior prom. Obviously, a mistake and he was trying to do it now at 31. She wasn't the sentimental type. Too funny!